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  • Styling8.0
  • Performance7.9
  • Interior7.9
  • Quality7.8
  • Recommendation8.5
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  • Styling9.0
  • Performance7.0
  • Interior9.0
  • Quality7.0
  • Recommendation8.0
Great For Towing/Hauling by John from PA on 04/13/2009. Trim: 1991 Dodge Dakota Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 4WD, Owned 1 year.
Pros: 185k on the odometer, and all major components still going strong (engine, tranny, drivetrain). Suspension in rear is high and strong, so it takes a very heavy payload and still rides level. 1st and 2nd gears are geared pretty low, so it can get started on a decent grade even with a load. No rust anywhere - rocker panels in perfect shape (unlike nearly every S-10 from this era that's still around). 4WD still working well after so many miles.
Cons: Gas mileage is bad for a V6 (about 16-18mpg without a load... 14-15 with). Paint is peeling for the second time in the vehicle's life (to be expected with red paint). Water pump had to be replaced, as well as pitman arm (steering was very loose prior to replacement of pitman arm). These are also things to be expected at 185k. Rear e-brake cable jammed on driver's side (even with regular use of the e-brake), which was a pain. 4WD indicator light doesn't work (common problem for this truck - not a big deal). 3rd gear is geared significantly higher than 2nd, so there is some lag in acceleration after shifting into 3rd.
Overall review: Overall, this truck has surprised me with its towing and hauling ability. It pulls a very full bed of hardwood (oak, ash, etc) without any hesitation and very little sway. Also pulls a 2000 lb. pop-up camper with very few issues. Since I flushed the cooling system properly, it now can pull a load up very significantly difficult hills without overheating. Definitely a good truck, although I might have opted for the V8 if I was buying new rather than used. Then again, I drive it only occasionally, so gas mileage isn't as much of an issue for this vehicle.
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  • Styling8.0
  • Performance8.0
  • Interior8.0
  • Quality10
  • Recommendation10
Helluva Little Truck by An MSN Autos Consumer on 02/15/2005. Trim: 1991 Dodge Dakota Reg. Cab 2WD, Owned more than 10 years.
Pros: I bought this truck new in 91 for $8450 and have replaced the brakes once and the battery once! Doesn't look that great, but still going strong (for 4 cylinder) after 225000 miles. Still gets 25-30 mpg.
Cons: Seat is not very comfy on long drives and 2 speaker stereo is awful, but it is the cheapest truck Dodge offered in 91 and it is still going!
Overall review: Great truck for the money. Almost NO repair bills. (says owned less than 1 year, but I've had it for 14!)
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  • Styling9.0
  • Performance8.0
  • Interior10
  • Quality6.0
  • Recommendation6.0
Snowy Truck by Truckin' Mama of Central Minnesota on 02/28/2004. Trim: 1991 Dodge Dakota Sport Reg. Cab 4WD, Owned 10 years.
Pros: I like the styling, and the size of the pickup. I am very short and this pickup is the right size for me.
Cons: I seem to have had a lot of problems with the transmission. We have had to put 2 of them in. Any other repairs I would deem necessary just because of the age of the truck and the miles-225,000.
Overall review: I'm not sure that the next truck I will get will be a Dodge, but I will go with a 4-wheel drive truck again-just because of where I live and I work nights.
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  • Styling9.0
  • Performance10
  • Interior10
  • Quality9.0
  • Recommendation9.0
My chevy can't touch it by mr. chevrolet on 06/05/2002. Trim: 1991 Dodge Dakota Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD, Owned more than 10 years.
Pros: a/c, never a problem. four wheel drive, not a problem, engine, great body, not a hint of rust. electrical. replaced one heater switch.
Cons: not enough interior space
Overall review: I've had my 5.2 V8 4X4 for 11 years and I'll match it against and other truck on the market in 1991. Repair bills have been for the most part non exhistant, any thing that has happened never required a dealership to repair. It's a Great vehicle.
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  • Styling5.0
  • Performance2.0
  • Interior6.0
  • Quality7.0
  • Recommendation7.0
Ideal low-budget work truck by Bryan on 11/03/2000. Trim: 1991 Dodge Dakota Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD, Owned 9 years.
Pros: Good steering and handling for a compact pickup. Very dependenable and durable. Good looks. Good brakes.
Cons: Terribly slow V6 engine. Poor sound system.
Overall review: Ideal low-budget work truck.
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1 - 5 of 67 reviews
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